You'd Rather die than get up to speak in front of a crowd ??


We'll teach you that the very same skills you use in conversation with one person are completely transferable to the public speaking domain.


You've got personnel in your ranks who need to up their game when pitching your products or services on a public platform? We've got the answer. Effective instructional methods will take your business to the next level.

Personal Coaching

We shine at one-to-one coaching. The advantage of a dedicated coach produces accelerated results. Let us show you how to confidently convey the power of your own convictions.

Who can benefit?

Actors, performers, business speakers, politicians, community leaders, educators, professional trainers and, of course, the father of the bride. 

Access these services by:

  • video call (Zoom, Skype, FaceTime)
  • in person instruction
  • email with respect to speech writing

This Comprehensive Program Offers:

  • mastery by letting go 
  • the skills to manage anxiety 
  • the way to be your natural self, the first giant step towards successful public speaking 
  • the means to establish a dialogue with your audience 
  • effectiveness through quality of presence 
  • knowledge of the art and language of rhetoric 
  • guidance with the composition of masterful and effective presentations 
  • speech/presentation writing services 
  • coaching with your actual delivery 
  • private, workshop and corporate instruction 


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The Zen of Public Speaking

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